Zirconia Multilayer Crowns or Veneers

210€ per tooth

Zirconia has been rightly termed “ceramic steel” as it’s the strongest ceramic material around. 10 times stronger than your tooth enamel!

Zirconia is the most biocompatible dental material around, after goldThis means zirconia will not react to any chemicals in your mouth. Due to the lack of metal sub-structures, Zirconia veneers don’t cause allergies such as gingival recession, swelling, bleeding etc.

  • They are as natural as it gets and blends in well with the rest of your teeth.
  • Better stain resistance.Can resist stains caused by tea, coffee, and even nicotine.
  • Fatigue resistance.They don’t break easily.
  • Withstand chewing.Can be used even for your posterior teeth as it can resist strong chewing and grinding.
  • Zirconia veneers are lighter in comparison to other veneers with metal supports.
  • No metal taste.They don’t cause that weird metallic taste in your mouth.
  • Smooth exterior.This means low to no abrasion of your surrounding teeth and gums.
  • Unparalleled comfort.They are so comfortable that you won’t even know they are there.

We do Multilayer Zirconia, which means that our technical team does several layers of porcelain on top of the zirconia crown to make it look very natural in different lights.

It is highly aesthetic material and the number one choice in our clinic by patients.

 Treatment Process

Treatment for Zirconia Multilayer Makeovers lasts around 8 days.

The first appointment includes- X rays, treatment plan discussion, intra-oral and extra-oral professional photography, impressions.

The appointed dentist will start prepping the teeth for Veneers and Crowns. After your teeth are prepped, patient is provided with temporary teeth the patient will keep for several days until our technical team designs and produces new teeth based on your Facial Features.

Our patient coordinator will contact you after several days for test-driving your brand new smile.

In this appointment you will see your new teeth, and we will make sure everything is perfect in aesthetics, fitting, soft-tissue and teeth relationship, lip support and everything. If we are 100% satisfied with the result we will begin cementing teeth permanently. If there is something that will need improvement we will do these adjustments in 1 day. This process is very important because we will not place the teeth until both us and the patient is 100% satisfied with the result