Dent Mex Implants

Osstem Dental Implants

600€ per Implant

Dental Implants are a great solution for replacing a missing tooth. The crown on top of the implant will serve as a normal crown, thus it makes this treatment method very demandable and long-lasting solution.

You will be provided with the dental implant code along with the implant guarantee when placed the implant.

For this kind of treatment it is important to know that the price of implant is for the implant alone and you may need to do other surgeries like sinus lifting, bone augmentation, bone grafting and other procedure to insure that implant is placed in well conditions. You will be informed for all the procedures, after the 3d examination is provided.

Also, for this kind of treatment there will be 2 visits. The first visit we will evaluate your case and provide you with information for this procedure. Implants will be placed and sutures will be removed after several days. The duration of the first visit in 7 days.

The second visit, will be after 3 to 6 months depending on your case. In this visit we will place gingival formers and after several days we will take impressions. 

The duration of the second visit in 15 days.